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Transforming property marketing: PropertyBox’s faster app, enhanced AI accuracy, and powerful object removal tool

PropertyBox is a cutting-edge property marketing assistant. It harnesses advanced technology to offer users instant improvements to their property photos, expertly redrawn floor plans, seamless removal of unwanted objects, and privacy blurring to safeguard customer information.

We love hearing our customer’s feedback

PropertyBox understands the value of customer feedback and prioritises actively listening and responding to our client’s needs. By taking our customers’ feedback onboard, we have significantly improved our platform. PropertyBox’s customer-centric approach is crucial because it allows our business to evolve and grow while tailoring our services to better meet the requirements of our users.

What improvements has PropertyBox made?

We’re thrilled to share that our efforts have resulted in a faster app, improved AI accuracy, and a significant increase in usage of PropertyBox’s object-removal tool.

  1. Accelerated speed for effortless efficiency
    • We are delighted to share that our app is now twice as fast as before. As mentioned above, we have listened to your feedback and prioritised enhancing the application’s overall speed, which will benefit our users. Through dedicated development efforts, we have optimised our app’s performance and speed, allowing you to accomplish tasks swiftly and seamlessly.
  2. Enhanced AI accuracy
    • We have enhanced AI accuracy through customer feedback. With a remarkable AI accuracy rate of 98%, PropertyBox ensures that your photo enhancements meet the highest standards of precision and reliability. The feedback allows us to learn from user interactions, adapt to evolving needs, and deliver exceptional results. By leveraging the power of AI and customer input, we have taken a significant step forward in providing users with reliable and accurate photo enhancements, which will ultimately improve your online presence and save you valuable time and resources.
  3. Object removal
    • Capturing appealing property photos can be challenging due to various factors, such as unwanted objects or clutter. Our object removal feature has been a game-changer, as demonstrated by the remarkable usage rate of 89% among our subscribers last month. This powerful tool lets you seamlessly remove unwanted elements from your images, resulting in visually appealing listings. Presenting your properties in the best possible light has never been easier.
  4. HD upscaling
    • PropertyBox is thrilled to introduce an exciting new feature called HD upscaling. Aimed at providing our customers with a remarkable advantage in property marketing. With HD upscaling, your property photos are automatically converted to HD, transforming ordinary images into stunning visuals. Agents can now win more instructions, boost sales, and achieve higher property prices, solidifying their market position and surpassing competitors

The improvements mentioned throughout this article will help our customers have a competitive edge over their competitors. The enhanced AI accuracy ensures that the photo enhancements provided by PropertyBox are precise and of high quality, which will allow customers to showcase their property at its finest. PropertyBox is dedicated to helping its customers stand out in a crowded market.

Why choose PropertyBox?

PropertyBox is here to help. Our fantastic team has expert knowledge of property marketing which will help your estate agency stand out from the competition. Whether you’re looking for photo enhancements, floor plan redraws, object removal, privacy blurring, or automatic branding, our team can assist with this.

It’s time to take your business to the next level, try ProperyBox today!

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