Launch Effective Property Marketing Campaigns to Grow Your Leads

Maximise your reach and attract more enquiries with targeted, comprehensive marketing campaigns designed to grow your pipeline.

Become The Competition That Can’t Be Beaten

In the competitive real estate market, effective digital marketing is crucial. With video representing over 50% of all viewed content on Social Media, our Campaigns feature allows you to increase your potential audience fast, track results and delight your vendor in the process.

Create Campaign

Design your marketing campaign using our intuitive tools.

Link Social Accounts

Define your audience for precise targeting.

Launch Campaign

Publish your campaign across multiple channels and share with your vendor to access their network.

Track Performance

Monitor and analyse campaign results to optimise future efforts.

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Boost your property visibility and generate more leads with effective marketing campaigns.


Have Your Brand See You Win Market Share

Strong branding builds market share by making your real estate agency more recognisable and trusted, attracting more clients and standing out from competitors.

Increase Enquiries

Generate more leads for your properties.

Enhance Reach

Extend your marketing efforts to a larger audience.

Increase Efficiency

Simplify the process of creating and managing campaigns.

Be Data-Driven

Use analytics to improve your marketing strategies.

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Why Use PropertyBox to Build Your Campaign?

PropertyBox makes creating social-ready campaigns easy. Turn your newly-enhanced property photos into eye-catching videos and share directly with your audience on your social channels or property portal.


Reach the right audience with precision. Connect your social accounts with PropertyBox and allow for easy sharing with your audience.


All the tools to create effective campaigns. Select from existing templates, drag and drop property images, set custom captions to highlight core property features and generate videos for all of your channels.


Promote your listings across various platforms and social media. With templates perfect for different video sizes, we’ve made it extra easy to market consistently across platforms.


Track and optimise campaign performance. With analytics connected to your account you can see how well your video has performed straight from PropertyBox.


Don’t just take our word for it

See what our clients have to say.

“PropertyBox not only allows you to edit photographs in the conventional manner, the platform also provides lots of other functions such as dusk skies and removal of objects. It is easy to use and support is always on hand, it has essentially become an extra arm for our marketing. This alongside the cost saving element means it’s a no brainer!”

Chan Khangura

Managing Director – Whitegates, Huddersfield

“PropertyBox has just been launched at Peter Alan and the early reception and feedback of this from staff members and our vendors, has been amazing! The flexibility and ease of use gives our staff the ability to produce bespoke marketing for our customers. We are excited to keep working with this software to improve our brand and showcase our properties in the best possible light!”

Mark Moran

Head of Sales (Estate Agency) – Peter Alan

“PropertyBox is an excellent technological update for my teams and has given us the ability to bring professional level property photography to our portals in a matter of hours from taking the property on rather than days. The floor plan tool is incredibly easy to use as is all the photo enhancement software. My teams love it, especially the new social media video software!”

Bryony Kilpatrick

Regional Lettings Director – Reeds Rains


We’re Here To Help

Still have questions? Have a look here.

Are Launch Campaigns the only option available?

At time of launch we have focussed on Launch Campaigns (although the templates can be used creatively to be multi-purpose). Campaign templates from across the listing lifecycle will be added regularly including Sold Campaigns, campaigns designed to promote or avoid price reductions and more! We want your agency to have something meaningful to share with a vendor and keep them loyal to your agency for as long as it takes to sell or rent the property.

How do I know if the campaign I have created has been effective?

Check back in the analytics section of the campaign in PropertyBox to she shares, likes, views, click to links you have embedded (the best way of driving people to your website) and more.

What type of photos can I use to build a campaign?

The only limit is imagination! As well as photos to promote the property you are marketing you could include a branch photo, local point of interest, friendly face of an agent or more to boost the campaign impact. With free text captions available against each image you can add Calls to Action or contact numbers too.

Can I still enhance professionally created photos?

Yes! You’ll still have access to all the usual features within PropertyBox, including:

  •       Object removal
  •       Watermarking
  •       Dusk shots 
  •       Other editing features