Steer clear of WhatsApp when sending photos

One of the most common mistakes agents make when taking their own property photos is sending them back to a colleague in the office using WhatsApp.

Many people don’t realise that WhatsApp automatically reduces the size of photos shared via the platform, resulting in a lower-resolution and ultimately lower quality photo.

Similarly, while emailing photos on an iPhone, it asks you to choose whether to scale the image down to small, medium or large – or alternatively, maintain its actual size. iPhones cameras automatically take photos at a high resolution but by emailing them and opting to reduce photo size, the quality of the finished photo is impacted.

Preserve photo quality

We’d recommend emailing photos, selecting ‘original size’, or using the Cloud, for example iCloud or Google Photos. Alternatively, Airdrop works well if you use Apple products, or you could transfer via Bluetooth or use a dedicated filesharing website such as WeTransfer.

Stand out for the right reasons

PropertyBox is here to transform your property photos from the ordinary to the extraordinary in seconds, using our AI-driven photo enhancement tools. Whether it’s blue sky replacements, vertical correction, brightness adjustment or colour enhancement, we’ve got it covered.

But if the photo’s resolution, or pixel density, is too low, it’s more difficult to enhance the photo and achieve the finished result your listings deserve. Poor quality photos will not only make it harder to sell or let a property, but they will also reflect poorly on your agency’s brand.

Show customers you care

Many agents have become experts at taking their own property photos, but preserving the quality of the final shots is just as important. Brilliant, beautifully enhanced property photography not only helps attract buyers, drive click-through rates on your listings and showcases a property in the best possible light, but it shows potential sellers that you care about how their home is presented.

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