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Property Box is the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to get your photos buzzing

PropertyBox Chief Revenue Officer Aaron White gives his top tips for creating stand-out property photos every time.

We know that you want to make your property photos look as professional as possible but sometimes you’re hindered by weather and circumstances. Maybe the skies don’t look great on the day, or there are bins outside that can’t be moved, or maybe the scene wasn’t set perfectly in a living room and your eye is drawn to the untidy TV wires instead of the period fireplace. Now PropertyBox gives you the ability change all that after you’ve taken your shots and is the perfect tool to turn a good picture into a great picture. The difference is jaw dropping!

Eyesores gone in seconds

The most common items we’re asked to remove using our instant Object Removal tool are bins outside the front which don’t show the house to its best advantage, but just by removing them it can look stunning. Other agents’ sale boards are the second most popular item to be removed. When I first saw I could draw a line over an unwanted object in seconds, as opposed to it taking me 45 minutes to get rid of something manually, I was in awe at how we’ve developed these tools. I love demonstrating what we can do to potential clients – especially when they realise how we’re going to make their lives so much easier.

We’re simply the fastest on floorplans

We’re the only company that can turn around a floor plan within 4 hours for just £5. You don’t have to download software, just simply sketch the floor plan on a piece of paper, note down the measurements and the names of the rooms, take a photo of it and upload it and that’s it. Within hours we’ll deliver the completed floor plan to you, freeing up your time for other important tasks.

It’s interesting to see the growing take up of our floor plan service, as well as customers choosing our one-off pay and go service to produce a floor plan for their Airbnb property or holiday cottage. It certainly gives them the edge over hundreds of homes without a floor plan, making it much easier for holiday makers to see if the property has a layout that suits their needs. And it’s unlikely these homeowners will have used a professional photographer for the photographs so once again we can enhance these to make them look great.

Our new watermarking service for photography and floor plans is another game changer, allowing your branding to be more visible across all social media content, making it easily recognisable and creating more organic leads to your business.

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