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Five common mistakes estate agents make when photographing properties – and how to avoid them

We are always waxing lyrical about your property photography and how it makes the difference in the speed and sale price of your listings. It isn’t a matter of rocking up and taking some pictures, you need to use your photographs to tell a story of the property, to let your viewer feel like they are walking through the house (potentially the one of their dreams) online before they decide to book a viewing.

We have plenty of articles and tips on how to take a good photo and what you need to do to get them just right on our blog. But it’s just as important to know what NOT to do when setting up and taking your photographs.


1.Wrong lighting.

Lighting really can make or break the look of a property – externally and internally.

For example, too much sun for external photos will give shadows or saturation and you will lose some of the details of the house. Internally if the photo is too dark it can make the room look small and gloomy and discolour walls, making things look dirty.


What can you do?

  • Take photos of the exterior on an overcast day or towards dusk and have all the lights on inside making it look warm and inviting
  • For interior images play with the lighting inside to make it bright but not stark – you may need to bring in some extra lamps.
  • With our brightness adjustment and shadow booster functionality on our property photography enhancing tool you can really level up your images in seconds.


2. Too much clutter.

Even if the current owners have cleaned and tidied for your arrival there can still be things lying around that will spoil the shot and look messy. If there is too much clutter it can make the room looked cramped and unappealing.


What can you do?

  • Walk around the property first to see if anything needs hidden or removed – It may only be a small thing but could take over the whole picture
  • Even things that should be there, such as cushions or a bold rug may look better if removed. Try to keep the decor neutral.
  • Our property photography enhancing tool will remove that cup on the kitchen counter that you missed. It can help clean up your image in seconds.


3. Composition & the wrong angles.

Taking your photograph at the wrong angle can make the difference to the look and feel of the room or even the front of the house. Changing the angle of your camera by just a few feet can completely change the quality of the photo.


What can you do?

  • You may have to adjust your height according to the furniture in the room. If the bed or coffee table is low to the ground, you’ll want to bring your height down so everything is straight. Between waist and cost height is often best.
  • Take note of the natural lines in the room and ensure to keep them straight in your photo. For example, turning your camera just a few degrees can make the whole room feel wonky.
  • Try to have only 2 walls showing in your photographs. Rooms can tend to look longer and/or narrower than they really are when you shoot down the length of the room showing three walls meeting.
  • If you do take images that are a little off and look wonky you can change this in seconds by uploading them to our photo enhancing tool with it’s vertical correction functionality


4. Poor quality.

The biggest mistake you can make is using poor quality images.  Especially with low-cost listings, many agents think it is ok to use less than good images. it’s not! Bad photogrpahy not only effects the time it will take to sell a property, but it will also reflect poorly on your brand. You need high quality images every time. This will go a long way to selling your property for a good price and in quick time. It will also level up your brands reputation and in turn bring in higher value properties for your books.


What can you do?

  • Read some of our blogs on setting up your rooms and exterior for a good shot
  • Take a few shots of the same room and angle so you can ensure there is one good one of each room
  • If your images don’t turn out as well as you hoped you can use our property photography enhancing tool to enhance your imagery to professional level. Giving your listings a boost and your business a solid reputation for quality property listings.


5. Too neutral.

We always advise to make the room as neutral as possible to appeal to the maximum numbers of buyers, we want them to imagine their style and furnishings in the entires home. However, we also won’t don’t rooms that lack warmth. Small pops of colour can have a big impact along with making the room look more inviting.


What can you do?

  • If the rooms are all white (or grey) you can add some flowers or bright cushions to add that pop of colour
  • Put the lights on in the room or bring some lamps into the picture to bring that warmth in.
  • Our property enhancing tool not only adjusts brightness but can also enhance the colour with the colour enhancing feature.


By using our fast and effective photo enhancement tool you can level your photography up without the high cost of money and time and give you consistently great photos each and every time. If you would like to see it for yourself check out our free trial….

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