May 25th, 2022

What photos showcase the best property listings?

It’s no secret that photography sells properties and good property photography sells property faster and often for a higher price than those with mediocre images.

It can also help to elevate your brand and bring in higher-value listings going forward for your business.

Win win!


What photos do you need to showcase?


Here are our 3 tips for an overall better listing post.


1. Curb appeal: THE best image to use should be a photograph of the outside of your home.

First impressions count so make sure you do everything you can to enhance your property’s curb appeal. If 68% of home buyers think kerb appeal is important when buying a home (Survey by YouGov) then this should be the first image they see and a superb one. If the weather isn’t right come back on a day that the lights is good and play with angles leading into the house.


2. There’s always an angle: Duplicating a few images of the same room is fine, but try to add some from different angles to give the viewer a real idea of the space.

Ensure you have images of the kitchen (the most important room in the house from a viewer’s perspective), living room or large bedroom. Then think of the location and needs of those living in the area – For example, photos of large storage areas, especially in cities where space is at a premium would be a bonus.


3. Leave it out: Don’t take pictures of everything in the house.

It’s best to avoid any unnecessary photographs such as stairs, boilers, or small cluttered rooms that are unlikely to entice someone to view your property.


Finally. The order of your photos can be important and help tell a story, or help the viewer to feel they were walking around the house from the front door – we recommend this order: the exterior/garden/front door, hallway, kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms.


If you take the above tips paired with great photography then you are on the right track. We know a professional photographer can cost a budget that sometimes you don’t have so that’s why we created PropertyBox image enhancer alongside the floorplan service.


By using our fast and effective photo enhancement tool you can level your photography up without the high cost of money and time and give you consistently great photos each and every time.


If you would like to see it for yourself check out our free trial….

“I've tried other photo editing tools and services... both free and paid, and PropertyBox is the only one that I would recommend every time"
October 18th, 2022

Introducing ‘Properties’ – Store all your photos and floorplans under one property

We’ve made some improvements to your PropertyBox dashboard, meaning it’s now much easier to manage your orders. You can now store all the photos and floorplans in the same place under a single property name, rather than under separate orders.

What’s changed?

No more flicking between separate orders to find the images you need. Just click ‘Create Property’ on the main page, assign the Property name of your choice and once inside, you can upload as many photos and floorplan sketches as you like – ten at a time. There is no limit on the number of photos within a Property – and once they’re enhanced, you can download them altogether, making it even faster and easier for you to get new listings online.

What about existing orders?

We’ve already sorted your previous orders, whether it was a photo enhancement or floor plan order, into ‘Untitled’ properties. Everything is easy to find by address or postcode, and you can rename them any time you wish by simply clicking the pencil icon and entering a new Property name.

How will this help me?

In a nutshell, Properties will make it much easier for you to manage your PropertyBox orders, go back to past orders, review enhancements and download all the photos and floorplans by listing at the same time.

If you have any queries or would like to arrange a demo, just contact us on live chat or

“I've tried other photo editing tools and services... both free and paid, and PropertyBox is the only one that I would recommend every time"