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  • Automatic branding

    Looking to enhance your property listings and stand out in the competitive UK property market?

    Meet PropertyBox, PropertyBox is the AI-powered property marketing assistant designed to help you save time, and money and improve your online presence. With real-time photo enhancements, professional floor plan redraws, real-time object removal, and customer privacy blurring, PropertyBox offers a comprehensive suite of features to elevate your property listings. Within this article, PropertyBox will take […]

  • WhatsApp

    Steer clear of WhatsApp when sending photos

    One of the most common mistakes agents make when taking their own property photos is sending them back to a colleague in the office using WhatsApp. Many people don’t realise that WhatsApp automatically reduces the size of photos shared via the platform, resulting in a lower-resolution and ultimately lower quality photo. Similarly, while emailing photos […]

  • Viewing property on laptop

    Property Box is the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to get your photos buzzing

    PropertyBox Chief Revenue Officer Aaron White gives his top tips for creating stand-out property photos every time. We know that you want to make your property photos look as professional as possible but sometimes you’re hindered by weather and circumstances. Maybe the skies don’t look great on the day, or there are bins outside that […]

  • Make your listings shine

    Five ways to make your listings shine this New Year

    The market outlook heading into the start of this year is certainly calmer. But with Zoopla reporting a ‘Boxing Day boost’ with a 42% increase in new listings compared to the same day in 2021 and Rightmove reporting a 20% jump in the number of buyer views, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic […]

  • Are you ready for the Boxing Day rush?

    Boxing Day and the period leading up to the New Year is the busiest time for house hunters, according to data from the property portals. As soon as Christmas is over and thoughts move to New Year Resolutions, buyer activity begins to ramp up – so ensuring all your listings are picture-prefect will give you […]

  • It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!

    The festive season may be just weeks away but you’ll still be going out on valuations and winning new instructions – so how can we help make your life easier when you visit a home to take photographs and find it’s decked out with Christmas decorations? Not only do they hide a property’s true potential […]

  • Introducing ‘Properties’ – Store all your photos and floorplans under one property

    We’ve made some improvements to your PropertyBox dashboard, meaning it’s now much easier to manage your orders. You can now store all the photos and floorplans in the same place under a single property name, rather than under separate orders. What’s changed? No more flicking between separate orders to find the images you need. Just […]

  • Save time and money by outsourcing key marketing elements to the professionals

    We know you are constantly juggling tasks to make sure you can focus on the important aspects of winning instructions and progressing sales but, without eye-catching photography and clear floorplans, your agency is instantly at a huge disadvantage. That’s where PropertyBox comes into its own, saving you time and money by producing these vital tools […]

  • Object Removal now live!

    Photographing people’s homes usually means working with a lived-in space packed with belongings. Despite the best effort of agents to prepare a property for a shoot, there are often objects that get in the way of the perfect photo, whether it’s clutter on a kitchen worksurface, toiletries in a bathroom, other agents boards or an […]


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