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Object Removal now live!

Photographing people’s homes usually means working with a lived-in space packed with belongings. Despite the best effort of agents to prepare a property for a shoot, there are often objects that get in the way of the perfect photo, whether it’s clutter on a kitchen worksurface, toiletries in a bathroom, other agents boards or an unsightly wheelie bin in the driveway.


The solution?


The new AI-driven PropertyBox Object Removal tool instantly airbrushes these eyesores and seamlessly backfills the space to match with the surroundings. Agents simply upload their photos for our regular enhancement service, then simply highlight any objects they want removing using an online pen, with an adjustable brush size for ease of use.


The finished photos, complete with objects removed, are then ready to be downloaded within seconds helping agents to get properties listed quickly and saves time on-site staging the home.



How Object Removal benefits agents


  • Works with both sales and lettings properties
  • Cleaner, tidier shots are more appealing to buyers / renters increasing the likelihood of a viewing and sale
  • Saves agents time during shoots, knowing clutter can easily be digitally erased afterwards
  • Helps agents create stand-out photography that presents the property in the best possible light, winning the click on the portals
  • Gives buyers a clear idea of the space without distractions, helping them visualise living there
  • Gives greater flexibility and editing power to agents taking their own property photos

What’s the cost?


There’s currently no additional cost for our Object Removal service, it’s simply an added benefit for our Starter and Pro subscribers – and you can use it as much as you like! Just upload your photos for enhancement as normal, click on the edit button against the photo you wish to remove an object from and click on the eraser icon.


PLEASE NOTE: The object removal tool should not be used to remove permanent objects or large objects in the foreground.




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