June 14th, 2022

Nothing but blue skies

We explore the value of a vibrant blue sky for your property photos


The British weather often creates a conundrum for estate agents taking property photos. Shoots in cloudy conditions when the sun is hiding usually create the best quality photos and there’s no shortage of cloudy days here in the UK, yet bright and eye-catching photos are what’s needed to attract house hunters to click on a listing.


Homebuyers spend 80% of their time looking at property photos and just 20% reading the description. In the highly competitive world of property sales and lettings, we need to produce the highest quality photography and the most compelling images. That’s where blue sky replacement comes into play.


Enhancing external property photos, which are usually a listing’s hero shot, with vibrant and cheerful blue skies is one of the most important things we can do to help improve your listing and ensure it catches the eye of potential buyers scrolling estate agency websites and the portals.


How does it work?


Just upload your images to PropertyBox and let us do the rest.


Our automatic, AI-driven photo enhancement software will replace cloudy, dull skies with punchier, brighter skies applied naturally to your photos. A background that is too bold or saturated, or is inconsistent with the rest of the picture, can look fake and unrefined, so we’ve even added a realism filter that blends the sky seamlessly into the original image with a perfectly realistic gradient towards the horizon.


And with our turnaround time of just a few seconds, your professionally enhanced photos, beaming with bright blue skies, are ready to go live in an instant.



“I've tried other photo editing tools and services... both free and paid, and PropertyBox is the only one that I would recommend every time"