Creating compelling property descriptions: our tips and tricks.

Often, estate agents focus on the visual aspects of their property listings, consequently overlooking the importance of well-crafted property descriptions. 

Whilst property photos and floorplans remain the most viewed part of a property listing, descriptions still play a valuable role in providing a comprehensive overview.

Interestingly, Property Academy’s Home Mover Survey found that:

  • 90% of buyers and 89% of renters said quality photos were “important” when searching for a property
  • Similarly, 95% of buyers and 87% of renters indicated floor plans were “important” for them.

…But, when it came to property descriptions, these numbers were even higher, with 91% of buyers and 94% of renters describing them as “important.”

So, to help your estate agency enhance its property descriptions, here are our top seven tips and tricks:

1. Create a checklist

Create a checklist before heading to the property. This should detail all the info you need to get while you’re there. 

This helps you feel more organised and boost your efficiency too. After all, the one thing you want to avoid is visiting the property more than once, as it slows down the overall sales process.

2. Use your local knowledge

As an agent, you will undoubtedly have extensive knowledge of the local area and the benefits of buying, selling or renting a property there. 

Use these insights to add relevant information to your descriptions, such as details about nearby schools, transport links, and other local highlights. 

Not only does this information demonstrate that you’re a trusted agent, but it also adds a personal touch to the description.

3. Tailor descriptions to your audience

When writing property descriptions, it’s crucial to consider your target audience. I.e., who are you trying to entice with this information?

This means establishing the type of person who might purchase/rent the property and catering the description so it resonates with them. 

For example, if your property is suitable for families, it would be crucial to mention how many bedrooms and bathrooms the property has. It would also be wise to highlight the closest schools and parks. 

These details make it easier for potential customers to picture themselves living in their new home, which goes a long way to securing more relevant leads.

4. Highlight unique selling points

Always highlight the property’s unique selling points. For example, incentives such as “Help to Buy” and short contracts are often available to buyers and renters and should be mentioned in the property description. These sorts of positives could push the sale over the line.

5. Keep descriptions concise and clear

We all know prospective buyers or renters only skim-read property descriptions to pick out key information.

Focus on brevity and avoid excessive jargon or details that detract from the property’s key features.

Also, always use sentence case and avoid excessive capitals. Trying to highlight too many features can make it harder for the reader to engage with the listing.

6. Use keywords

Make sure you use common keywords searched for on property portals, like “open plan”, “garden”, or “south-facing” in your listings. This should help them appear in more searches.

7. Embrace generative AI

In 2023, AI is taking the world by storm, and the property industry is no exception. 

As you know, producing high-quality property descriptions for each listing is time-consuming, which is why more and more agents are utilising AI software to speed up this process. 

It’s important to remember that you’ll have the most success using generative AI for your property descriptions when you use accurate and effective prompts.

Property Academy’s Mover Survey shows there is plenty of potential for estate agents to differentiate themselves on high-quality property descriptions that provide quality information to prospective buyers or renters. More specifically, they found that only 31% of buyers rated the accuracy of property descriptions as “Excellent” and 43% as “Good”. 

By implementing our seven recommendations, agents can take their descriptions to the next level and generate greater interest in their properties.

Introducing auto-generated AI descriptions

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