Do estate agents really need to spend time editing property photos?

estate agent editing property photos

Are you familiar with the following scenarios?

  1. You can’t afford professional property photography for every listing your agency publishes. 
  2. The property listing is time-sensitive, and you don’t have time to wait for an appointment with a professional photographer.

If you’re a seasoned agent, you’re probably familiar with both situations and might have wondered the following question: 

Should agents ever attempt to edit their own property photos?

It stands to reason that professional photographers charge a premium for a good reason – editing high-quality property photos is a time-consuming and tricky business. 

In fact, when you use professional marketing services, like a FocalAgent marketing pack, agents are almost 40% more likely to complete a sale and, on average, achieve a 1.63% higher selling price. These statistics are based on data collected and verified by TwentyCi throughout 2022, including 2,331,408 properties. 

So, where does that leave you?

Continue reading as we explore that very question. 

How important are property photos?

We’ll cut to the chase. High-quality property photos are imperative. 

That’s not just our opinion. 

Rather, recent research published on Estate Agency Today reveals that when participants were questioned about what they found most influential in forming opinions about a property advertised online, property photos were deemed the most influential (almost 40%)!

More interestingly, as many as 80% said they would click on a listing because the first image was enticing. 

But, almost 60% said they would skip properties with unappealing initial images. In other words, the house hunter wouldn’t even consider viewing the property or finding more information about it if they didn’t like the property’s feature image!

On top of that, 71% of prospective buyers who clicked through to the whole property listing said the first thing they looked at was the full range of property images available. Plus, almost 50% stated they wouldn’t peruse the rest of the listing if they didn’t like the property photos. 

How do you enhance your property photos with limited time and money?

The stats above are clear. 

Where property photos are concerned, putting your best foot forward is imperative. 

But what do you do if you lack the budget for a professional photographer and don’t have the time or skills to edit the photos yourself?

Fortunately, an AI-powered property marketing assistant like PropertyBox provides an easy, cost-effective solution. 

You can transform the property photos you’ve taken on your smartphone or camera into professional-looking content in a matter of seconds.

When we spoke to Samantha Aitken, Territory Owner for Yopa Glasgow South, to get her thoughts on the subject, she said that before PropertyBox, she would have to: ‘upload and edit each photo individually, so it could take a few hours’ – whereas, now ‘it literally takes a few minutes to edit photos.’

With that said, let’s see how PropertyBox’s property photo enhancements work:

How do PropertyBox’s photo enhancements work?

To give you a sense of how easy it is to enhance property photos using PropertyBox’s AI, below we’ve quickly outlined the process:

  1. As previously hinted, take photos of your client’s property using your smartphone or camera.
  2. With just a few clicks, upload the shots to your PropertyBox workspace. 
  3. PropertyBox transforms your images into better-quality visual content for publication on your agency’s website or property portals. 

Simple, right?

What should you look for in an AI property photo enhancer?

Here at PropertyBox, we thought long and hard about what makes a best-in-class AI-fuelled property photo enhancer and put these ingredients together to form the ultimate property marketing assistant. 

Firstly, we understand that the old cliche ‘time is money’ couldn’t be more accurate for estate agents. 

So, we aim to provide the highest quality property photo enhancements in the shortest amount of time. 

That’s why we automatically apply as many as 27 enhancements to your photos, including blue sky replacement, vertical correction, vertical adjustments, boost shadows, colour enhancement, customer privacy blurring, HD upscaling, and more. 

On top of that, you can also use our object removal editor to extract unwanted objects from your photos in seconds. Just use the ‘Erase Brush’ to highlight the object you wish to remove, click ‘Apply’, and watch it disappear!

You can even add your agency’s logo to property photos to strengthen brand recognition and protect assets from third-party use.

But, most importantly, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your photo enhancements, PropertyBox pays to manually enhance them at no extra cost (usually, these are returned in under an hour)! 

However, over 98% of our AI enhancements don’t require manual intervention, so rest assured that you’re in safe hands!

If any of that piqued your interest and you have more questions, please schedule a call with our helpful team – they’ll get back to you in 55 seconds or less!