5 tips for better property photographs to sell your listings faster

Property Photographs

PropertyBox helps you enhance your property photography and level up your images quickly and efficiently (saving you so much time) but it always helps to ensure those photos are the best they can be before uploading them to PropertyBox to give you that extra competitive edge.

1. It’s all about the angles!

Try to think of different ways you can take pictures of the house, inside and out, that show the property’s potential. For example, try taking a picture of the house from the driveway rather straight on. It will show a larger part of the front of the house and the garden from an interesting angle.


House with driveway

2. Still angling for a good shot?

Use gridlines to balance your shot. This is a super quick way to ensure the right composition of a room (or outside shot) so you get the best out of the space by using ‘the rule of thirds’

If you place points of interest in these intersections or along the lines, your property photo will be more balanced, level, and allow viewers to interact with it more naturally. If you have a wonky shot our PropertyBox has a Vertical Correction feature that can correct this but it makes the picture much more engaging if the composition is spot on.

3. Leading the way

As with above, it’s always good to bring the viewer into the picture, help them to imagine themselves in that room or garden. Leading lines are great for this, creating a sense of depth – leading the viewer in.

When you are taking your image look for those lines – think staircases, wooden flooring, picture rails, and table edges. They don’t have to be straight, they can curve, just an interesting line that leads you into the picture.

4. Declutter

Simple but effective. PropertyBox has a feature that can remove unwanted objects quickly but it’s still worth looking around the room to see if there are things that could be moved/removed to create more white space helping to make the space look bigger.
show a decent amount of floor space. Sometimes just taking a little bit of time here can make a huge difference.

5. Light up

With our brightness adjustment, shadow boosting and colour enhancement features, PropertyBox is great at ensuring your imagery has the right light and colours, giving it that professional feel. However, if you have all the lights on in a room this gives the effect of warmth and a cosy feeling for the viewer.

Decluttered kitchen

Use a tripod or at least lean the camera against something to have sharp pictures. Camera shake is common.

Take props. PropertyBox can blur out faces and images but we can’t add those homely touches that help the viewer imagine themselves making your listing their home. Things like candle holders, flowers, plants etc can really help bring a room together and again lets the viewer imagine themselves in that room, with their family. You need to create a space that looks easy to live in, not something sparse and cold. 


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